Honeybee Rescue: Humane Beehive Removal for San Diego Homes

Protecting Your Home & San Diego’s Bees

Honeybee Rescue, led by experienced bee removal specialist Pete Holtzen, offers safe and humane beehive removal services throughout San Diego County. Pete is passionate about bee conservation and prioritizes relocating beehives to a suitable habitat, not extermination.

San Diego Beehive Relocation Services:

  • Live Beehive Removal: Pete removes beehives from your property using gentle techniques that minimize stress on the bees and ensure the safety of your family and pets.
  • Wall & Attic Beehive Removal: Don’t let hidden beehives cause damage. Pete has the expertise to safely remove beehives from inside walls, attics, and other structures.
  • Complete Beehive Relocation: Our service includes the removal of all honeycombs and wax, ensuring a thorough and lasting solution. The relocated bees can then continue to thrive in a new home.
  • Beehive Inspection & Recommendations: Unsure if you have a beehive or another insect problem? Pete can inspect your property and provide a detailed report with recommendations.

Why Choose Honeybee Rescue for San Diego Beehive Relocation?

  • Experienced & Certified: Pete is highly trained and experienced in handling beehives safely and effectively.
  • Bee-Friendly Approach: Pete prioritizes bee relocation over extermination, benefiting both your property and the environment.
  • Minimizing Damage: Pete’s techniques aim to minimize damage to your property during the beehive removal process.
  • Guaranteed Relocation: We guarantee complete beehive removal and ensure the bees are relocated to a suitable habitat, promoting a healthy ecosystem.
  • Free Quotes: Get a free consultation and quote to discuss your specific beehive relocation needs in San Diego.

Signs You Have a Beehive in San Diego:

  • Visible honeycomb structures on your property.
  • A steady stream of bees entering and exiting a small opening in your house or shed.
  • Increased bee activity around your home, especially near eaves, soffits, or chimneys.

Protecting Your Home & San Diego’s Bees

Don’t attempt to remove a beehive yourself! It can be dangerous and ineffective. Honeybee Rescue offers a safe and humane solution for your beehive relocation needs in San Diego.

Contact Honeybee Rescue Today!

Call Pete today for a free quote and to discuss your beehive relocation needs. He’s here to help you find a win-win solution for your San Diego property and the bee population.

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Bee Hive Removal in San Diego
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