Honeybee Rescue: Safe & Swift San Diego Bee Swarm Removal

Helping Bees & Homeowners Find Harmony

Honeybee Rescue, led by experienced bee removal specialist Pete Holtzen, is here to help you safely and humanely remove bee swarms from your San Diego property. Pete understands the importance of bees and prioritizes relocating them to a suitable habitat.

Why Choose Honeybee Rescue for San Diego Bee Swarm Removal?

  • Fast Response: Bee swarms can be stressful. Pete offers same-day service in most areas of San Diego County to address your swarm quickly.
  • Experienced & Certified: Pete is highly trained and experienced in handling bee swarms safely and effectively.
  • Bee-Friendly Approach: Pete prioritizes bee relocation over extermination. He uses gentle techniques to move the bees to a new home, benefiting your property and the environment.
  • Safe & Efficient: Pete uses safe methods to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and the bees themselves.
  • Local Knowledge: As a San Diego resident, Pete understands the local bee population and the best relocation options.
  • Free Quotes: Get a free consultation and quote to discuss your specific bee swarm situation.

Signs You Have a Bee Swarm in San Diego:

  • A large cluster of bees buzzing around your property.
  • Bees clinging to a tree branch, bush, or other object.
  • Bees flying in and out of a small opening in your house or shed.

Don’t Try to Remove a Bee Swarm Yourself!

Bee swarms can be unpredictable. Pete has the experience and equipment to safely remove the swarm and ensure the bees can continue to thrive.

Contact Honeybee Rescue Today!

Don’t wait! Call Pete today for a free quote and to discuss your bee swarm removal needs. He’s here to help you find a peaceful solution for your San Diego property.

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Bee Swarms in San Diego
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