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Escondido is a city in San Diego County, California that has a long and interesting history. Founded in 1888, it is one of the oldest cities in the county and was originally an agricultural community. Over the years, it has grown to include cereal production and fruit packing houses. One of the most interesting facts about Escondido is that it’s derived from the Spanish word “escondido,” which means “hidden.” This is due to its location within a long valley in the coastal mountains of Southern California.

Escondido Bee Removal Expert

Bees are an important part of Escondido’s ecosystem and bee removal experts, such as Pete Holtzen of Honeybee Rescue, are on call to safely and humanely remove bee hives from homes or businesses. Pete specializes in bee removal services in Escondido, CA and nearby areas. He takes great pride in his bee removal expertise and has been rescuing bees for over 25 years. With a background in beekeeping and bee removal, he is an experienced bee expert who understands the importance of bee conservation and will always take great care in relocating them to the best environment possible.

If you or someone you know needs bee removal service in Escondido, CA, look no further than Pete Holtzen of Honeybee Rescue. He has the experience and expertise to safely remove bee hives from any property, so give him a call today for bee removal in Escondido, CA!

Got A Bee Problem At Home?

If you spot a bee in your home your first reaction might be to call an exterminator. However, bee extermination is not necessary and can even be harmful to the bee population. Pete Holtzen of Honeybee Rescue provides bee removal service in Escondido, CA using humane bee capture techniques that save the bee colony and relocate it to a safe environment where they can continue their life cycle without being a nuisance. So if you have bee problems in Escondido, don’t hesitate to call Pete Holtzen of Honeybee Rescue for bee removal service. He is the bee removal expert who offers you safe and humane bee relocating services.

Got A Bee Problem At Your Store?

Are bee hives causing a nuisance at your place of business? Not to worry. Pete Holtzen of Honeybee Rescue will safely and humanely remove bee hives from your property in no time. He also offers bee relocation services that involve taking the bee hive to an area with better conditions for bee life, such as open fields or bee sanctuaries. Bee relocation is important to bee conservation efforts, and Pete Holtzen of Honeybee Rescue is dedicated to bee removal escondido with this in mind. Call today for bee removal services in Escondido, CA!
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