Humane Bee Removal in San Diego, CA

Environment Safe & Natural Bee Removal

Honeybee Rescue, owned and operated by Pete Holtzen, is a bee removal service that utilizes non toxic chemicals to remove bees from their hives.

Fo over 25 years, Mr. Holtzen has made it his goal to provide humane bee removal services in San Diego County and surrounding areas.  With years of experience and thousands of successful bee removals, he is one of the top experts in humane bee removal.

Many people think a bee colony must be destroyed in order to remove it from a structure, but this isn’t always the case.  In some cases, Mr. Holtzen can remove the bees without having to destroy their home or even kill any of them.    “I don’t like to kill bees if I can get away with it,” Mr. Holtzen says, “I’ve been doing bee removals for over 25 years and have found out that you can do so many things other than simply smashing the hive.”

Many exterminators use harsh chemicals to get rid of a colony, but using these chemicals is detrimental to the environment and often times unnecessary.  If a pesticide is used, it can be transferred inside the walls of your home or building and pose a serious health risk not only for you but also the planet we live on.

Another bee removal technique many people use is called “destructive extraction.”  This means that the bee hive must be destroyed in order to remove it, which is often times a stressful death sentence to the bees.  “I don’t want these guys dying an unnatural death,” says Mr. Holtzen.

Not only is “destructive extraction” cruel to the bees, but it is also a costly service that can cost hundreds or even sometimes thousands of dollars.  If bees are left to die inside of a structure, they will begin to decay and the smell only intensifies with time.

Honeybee Rescue has been responsible for successfully removing many bee colonies that were removed from unwanted places.  They may live in your porch, roof, wall, chimney, pool house or even a storage shed and they not cause any harm to people or pets as long as they are left intact.

If you find yourself with unwanted bees living on or in your property, call Honeybee Rescue today for a removal quote.  

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